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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Franky, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. Franky

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    Since ressently when I open MyDocuments I get an error message (see attachment)

    Wath can I do about this ? I dont want to format the whole thing bacause I have to copy arround 19 gig then over a network and that take's a WHILE

    Greetings Franky:confused:
  2. gothic

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    You don't mention whether this error is a regular occurance, or a 'one off'
    If it's a one off, then may be it was an unusual clash of processes. If, on the other hand, it is a regular practice then I would suggest a software clash. What other programmes are normally running when it happens?? What auto-start programmes are resident in memory ?? etc. etc. If there is a pattern, please ilucidate (is my spelling correct, it hurt my brain to get that word out!).

    ta ta TOK
  3. Franky

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    Nope it happens reguraly but it's random with differant programs running but messenger ICQ norton av 2002 and my network connections are olways running so... It's a real pain bacause everytime it does that I have to leave my pc alone for a few minutes bacause it just gives me the background :(

    Greetz Franky:rolleyes:
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    lol - as soon as I read the thread topic i pretty much guessed what this would be about... Visual Basic... :)

    Looks like u need the l8est VB Runtime Libary... downloaded them yesteday on a m8s comp cos it was getting similar error msg...
    It normally wouldn't occour for a normal user... u must be using a VB programme which has soemthing to do with your My Documents folder...
    anywayz... enough waddling:
    download them here: type in Visual Basic in search string... will give u a list m8

    Enjoy :)

  5. Franky

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    Good news is that I don't get that error message again

    BAD NEWS is that I get a different one a bigger one :(

    I downlouded the visual basic library 5.0 and 6.0 from tucows installed both of them.
    I hope I don't get in to troubles bacaus I needed to overwrite some dll's that where newer than the one I was installing :s

    So hope you boy's and girl's know the answer I'm beath that's for sure

    Greetz Franky
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    Do you have Windows File Protection (or System File Protection, whichever it is this year :D ) shut off?
  7. Franky

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    haven't tampered with that I think ? :s:p