rundll32.exe not shutting down. XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SuDs, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. SuDs

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    When i goto shut down windows xp, rundll32.exe doesn't want to close. i have to end task it for it to actually shutdown. i don't know what the hell to do.

    i've virus scanned, adawared, cwshredded, defragged, dskchked and still i have this problem.

    one thing i notice is that i have 2 rundll32.exe's running as i start up windows.
    if i force quit one of them, it shut's down alright.

    what should/can i do?

  2. pSxMoD

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    First check to make sure that you don't need Rundll32.exe running by closing it right after you boot up your computer, and making sure everything is working properly. Then, after you are sure that you don't require it to be running, go to Start, Run, and then type msconfig and press enter, or hit OK. Then go to the Startup tab, find the item in the list for Rundll32.exe, and clear the checkmark to the left of it. That way it will stop it from loading up when Windows XP starts. If you find out later that it causes problems with yoru computer, you can always go back into msconfig and put the check box next to it again.

  3. ignipotentis

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    This is a good aproach; except if it is for rundll32. Take a look at the event viewer, and see if there are any application, system, or security events recorderd. runndll is exactly what is says. It is a loader for libraries. you can't just shut it off. There is something else triggering it's startup.
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    thank you guys!!! i love u.

    i looked all over to figure out how to fix this, i even checked the msconfig thing, and since u mentioned it, i re-checked it just to be sure, and whaddyaknow there was this bridge.dll file opening the rundll32.exe file. turns out to be some spyware thing, adaware completely missed it, got search and destroy and quickly killed it. my comp is back to normal now! thx!!!