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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by skamaraju, Oct 19, 2003.

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    I recently recieve this Rundll32.exe Appluication error when I try to change the desktop jpg from Display properties/desktop. It does not come with bitmap images. This is a recent problem for me. Never had this before. But when I right click a Jpeg image and click set as desktop background, there is no problem. Sample images in My Pictures too vanished.
    I've scanned with lavasoft and removed whatever adware/spyware was found. I've scanned and cleaned for virusses and checked BLAST. I cant find any other reference on the internet.

    ANYBODY help please!!!
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    I dont know how to embed the screenshot. I am sending it as attachment
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    OK we'll wait here then. :p :D
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    I am trying to include the screenshot of message.
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    you may need to repair windows. Try this first. Find the pic you want to use as a background and right click on it. Then select "set as background wallpaper (or something like that)." If this doesnt work, you might have to use the cd to repair your installation of windows...if you repauir you'd have to re-install most programs, but your info will be ok.