Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JayCool, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. JayCool

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    Anyone get Roxio Plat 5 to work w/ XP? (I know Nero works, but I really like Roxio, and i have already downloaded all of the patches to no avail).
  2. Qumahlin

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    just look around the forums, there is a specific order to getting roxio to's like hopscotch..just use nero, it's faster and does more :)
  3. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK
    chances of getting roxio working on XP : 1 in a million... yes for real m8 ;)

    MdSalih - Off to sleep...
  4. duckyspawn

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    I had no problem getting Roxio 5 Plat to work. I just followed the directions on Roxio's website and it was up and running immediately.
  5. existenz

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    that's the one.

    you won't find another one, before 1 000 001.

    PUDBUDZ Guest

    I just built 4 systems and it works fine on all of them!...

    ....Download the updates and follow roxios directions and it works!
  7. Lonman

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    The debil made me do it :eek:
  8. Highwind7777

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    I love that....but honestly, the best solution the roxio problems is
  9. patrick

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    I haven't much experience with Roxio but I love the features and ease of use of the Roxio Easy CD Creator. I installed the Platinum version into Windows XP with no problems. After installation Windows told me that the Direct CD driver was not compatible with Windows XP and presented me with a window. I think I clicked "more information" and it sent me directly to the Roxio website where they told me to download two patches: one to update it to the newest version (5.02) and one to make it XP compatible, including instructions.
    The whole process took no longer than 2 minutes and 3 for the install. 5 mins max.

    Anyways, choose whatever software you like best, but for those of you who like Easy CD Creator, follow the instructions and you'll be running it in no time at all.
    Note: Roxio 'Take Two' Program is not compatible with windows xp.

  10. Arcticcat4Us

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    Listen to the man !!!!!!


    Seriously.......loose the gotta- have unadaptac gooey thangy,
    I know,its looks all "pretty" and all that, but its its basically just a tyco toy.........
    d/l the online tutorial and you'll never even think about using that piece of crap cdr software from roxio.
    The best part??? never another coaster and nero burns anything.
  11. patrick

    patrick OSNN Addict

    I'll consider...

  12. phishhead

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    works for me everytime I use both depending on what I'm burning...but this is how you install since that is all you're asking for...
    install the aspi the "d" update...and the xp patch...then install the prog...but DO NOT REBOOT....then install the update again DO NOT REBOOT...then install the xp patch and everytime for me

    I just think some people get over anxious and just want the damn thing to work and not researching it to see if it is compliant....I'm in the same category installed laplink gold and fu@#ed my pc using laplink gold v11.0 and pcanywhere if I would have just read save some time reformatting:eek:
  13. emahn

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    Works fine for me

    Well, just to throw in my experience, I ordered the software and the next day I saw many posts about difficulties people have had. I was worried that I might be in for troubles, but the software arrived today and I installed it and it works just fine for me. I followed the directions on the Roxio site:

    (Instructions for a new installation - what I did)

    (Instructions for upgrades to XP from other OS's)

    Unlike other posts in this thread, I rebooted according to the directions, and all was fine. :)
  14. dan0421

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    ROXIO 5 Platinum works for me too.