router setup/administration screen Trying2Connect Blubster

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JTrotter54, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. JTrotter54

    JTrotter54 Guest

    step 1 - using your web browser, go to the address

    step 2 - type in your password, and login or whatever. just get into the router setup/administration screen.

    step 3 - click the little orange tab near the top which reads "advanced"

    ^^^Theses^^^ are the 3 steps blubster gives one for fixing connection problems. I did the first but the logon thing wont work? I typed in my admin name and pass and it didnt work then i tried using that msn name and i couldnt remem my password...i think i typed in the right one but i'm not sure. Please help I wanna connect to my blubzies! Thanks xp friends :eek:
  2. 24Seven

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    try the default login, which is leave the username blank and type admin for the password, thats if your using a linksys router which by the sound of things you are.
  3. JTrotter54

    JTrotter54 Guest

    Thanx a lot you are the man! It worked!