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    Been a tennis player for about 30 years, loved the fed, lately I hadn't thought rog had a chance in a five set tournament, unless he had an easy run to the finals, with no hard fought five set matches.

    That's what happened at Wimbledon this year, fed had an pretty easy draw and marched through, and beating Murray in nicely without too much wear and tear.

    This is the first time I picked fed in a major finals in quite some time, yet djok handled him pretty easily.

    I use a one handed backhand and think it's the nicer strokes, but not the more effective, The one handed backhand is a tough stroke against hard hit deep balls, some do it nicely but in my opinion, the nearly as consistantly as the top players with two hands on their off wing.

    Funny, I saw fed live at the us open last year, and there he was, taking a few backhands with two hands, he'll never switch, but he does recognize the assets of having two hands on your weaker wing

    Then, I saw serena, who loves the fed, and there she was working on a one handed backhand!

    I don't think she'll ever switch either, but it's good watching top players continue working to get better.

    If anyone is going to the us open here in new york for the qualies, let me know, I'll meet you there