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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mattg1981, Jun 4, 2002.

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    In Windows 98 (probly 95 and maybe 2000 and me) there was a program called winipconfg.exe ... to do this, go to run and type in 'winipconfg' and then you would choose your NIC card from the drop down box ... then hit 'release all' at the bottom and then 'renew all' and you were set, you could surf the net and avoid installing that RoadRunner Manager software crud. My question is I cant find this in XP ... is it possible to get around this again, is the program renamed? or is there another program that serves the same function? Anyone know?
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    winipcfg does not exist on winXP. Open a command prompt and type ipconfig /release to relase your IP and ipconfig /renew to renew it. Also ipconfig /all will show the info on all of your adapters. You can always type ipconfig /? to see all of the commands possible.
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    I didn't install any software and I am able to use RR perfectly fine.
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    Same as matt.
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    Yeah, you should not need any software to use cable internet (unless you have something like cable AOL)

    if your comp is not pulling an ip address what you can do is just go into your network connections instead of the cmd prompt and get the properties for your connection make sure everything is set correct and try hitting the repair button. Repair is the equivalent of ipconfig /renew
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    You can do 2 things copy winipcfg.exe to your XP computer or goto a command prompt and type "ipconfig" which does the same thing... and yes as far as I know your forced to do this in the command prompt formally known as DOS...

    If DHCP is not enabled you can type
    ipconfig /release *con*
    ipconfig /renew *con*

    if DHCP is not enabled you will get an error, in which waiting after you plug the cable back into the modem and/or restart the machine if your still not on you got problems-

    I dont care what anyone says Networking is cool but at the same time annoying and extremely touchy...
    yaya the end results are all good thats why we all want a netowork RIGHT????