Road Runner and Kazaa

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by omgsoup, Jul 15, 2002.

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    i was wondering if anyone was having problems with Kazaa and Road Runner? i can sign on, and do about 1 search, before my searches stop working. i talked to a RR tech online, and she sorta avoided the question ("is RR blocking any ports or filtering any traffic, specifically port 1214 and Kazaa") and she said that lots of RR users use Kazaa without a problem, and i meant to get a log of the conversation, but i don't think that worked. I live in Jackson, MS, and i havn't had a chance to talk to other RR users in my area, but i was wondernig if any other RR users were having this problem?
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    i hope that they don't block the ports... that will force me to go dsl and sacrifice the 230kb/s speed and go to 100kb/s :( but i think it will be worth it :-D lol
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    Dont diss DSL

    I always get my 150 downloads guaranteed. Never fails me and sometimes i get luck and download at 160. Yes i know cable reaches at 200 and possible 250 but in my area cable modems download at 30. that is freaking slow:cool:
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    I think RR made the right decision pertaining to Kazza.