RIAA to Sue 405 More College Students

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    RIAA to Sue 405 More College Students.

    In yet another dramatic twist :p

    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said Tuesday it intends to file lawsuits against hundreds of college students sharing music and movie files over Internet2, the next-generation network of college universities that is intended for research of new technologies.

    On Wednesday, 405 lawsuits will be filed against students at 18 universities.

    Using Internet2 connections DVD-quality copies of movies can be downloaded in a mere 5 minutes. The RIAA says students have been using a file sharing application called "i2hub" to swap music and movies, and "mistakenly believe their illegal file-sharing activities can’t be detected in the closed environment of the Internet2 network."

    Along with 18 universities being sued, the RIAA claims it has evidence of illegal i2hub use at an additional 140 universities in 41 states. Letters will be sent to those schools warning of the consequences associated with illicit file sharing.

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    Why a new thread on same topic?
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    i saw it on betanews but i thought thats what your former thread was about so i didnt post it
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    Nah I didn't see it mention before about owning 405 college kids.

    May be similar, maybe can be merged.

    Problem I think this site being watched by other sites and their news posters find our stuff then go post in on their sites and change it to suit their needs maybe.

    <edit> seen that happen a few times past few days.