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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Earthmonster, Aug 19, 2003.

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    Hi everyone, I REALLY am stuck here. I dont think I have a worm but it is possible. I get this reading; NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and the dreaded 60 second countdown until reboot. ONCE i was able to get a little further with it on details and got this: C:\Docume~1\Chad\Locals~1\Temp\Wer1.tmp.dir00\suchost.exe there were like three more letters at the end there that I missed. here is the deal-- This is a brand new computer with all new stuff. I have a Asus p4c800 dlx motherboard that is using raided hard drives in "0" configuration. the ONLY drivers or program that has been added was for the raided drives-- And I did get a caution flag from microsoft saying that it did not pass their logo test. dont know if that is important or not. but I can never tell when the computer is going to crash. Sometimes it crashes immediatley upon startup, the next it might be a couple of hours later. I do know this much though, the first time it did this I had just signed on to the internet via msn, and did not have any protection- did not download anything, but did get into my mailbox. Virus ? I have contacted ASUS and could not get any help. I am running out of options here and do not want to set up the rest of my system drivers untill I can get windows stable. Please help!! If you can get me the right answer to get me out of this jam I will reward the person via PAYPAL!! just as a token of my appreciation! thanks everyone, Chad
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    you gotta be kidding me. new system up and running for a grand total of under 1 hr and I have already been hacked and screwed!! arrrgh..... what a pain in my @ss. at this point it might be easier to reinstall the os than anything...
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    you have to install the hotfix before you go online. If you haven't configured anything then maybe you should just reinstall than fix it, might be quicker. Download the fix here and put it on a floppy, install it, then go ahead and do whatever other updates (SP1, SP2 hotfixes, etc.,) online.
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    Windows Update my friend. Run a virus scan first to rid yourself of the worm then update. Reboot and you should be fine. If you continue to have the same problem, just format.
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