Restoring XP default security settings

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kevz, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. kevz

    kevz Guest

    Having been fiddleing with various security settings in XP I now find that I can't order anything on-line. I've probably clicked something I should not have!

    Is there an easy way to reset all security levels to those on install?

    All other internet browsing, etc is ok.

    Sorry to be such an idiot.

    Any help very welcome.


  2. guiseppe

    guiseppe Guest

    In internet explorer, when you click on "help" and then "about internet explorer" , is your cipher strength 128 bit?
  3. kevz

    kevz Guest

    Thanks guiseppe

    Yes it is. I assume it should be?

  4. WebDome

    WebDome Guest

    Have you check your settings in IE? Go Internet Explore -->Tools --->Internet Options-->Privacy Tab. Also, do you run a firewall or any banners eliminators progs.?