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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by 03bigMark03, May 5, 2003.

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    Hiya. Just a quick question. Can I buy a 3X3 cm heat sink. It's for this chip on my Freeview box. It get's well hot and lowers the box performance. Thanks if you can help.

    It's about 2 1/2 to 3 cm's ish.
  2. RagnaroK

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    You can probably buy such a heatsink at your local hardware/electronics store. :)
  3. BonyTony

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    Are you just after a passive heatsink or one with a fan ?.

    Passive ones are on HERE at the bottom of page....or if your after a small one with a fan try HERE hopefully someone on here will have an old one lying around you can have (i usally do but only have a Thermaltake Crystal Orb lying around....somewhere!) similar to this HERE .

    You may find what you require in an old pc !.
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  5. 03bigMark03

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    I nicked one of an old voodoo 2 card. I don't have any thermal paste but still has a lil stick to it after all these years. And it's the right size for the chip to! Man I'm so happy.

    I aint got any thermal paste though, would be nice to put some new gunk on, i'm really skint. Anyone got any spare tubes.
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    Here is a pic.
  7. Zedric

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    I don't think you need paste. If it doesn't have a HS from the beginning it won't need super cooling. So just stick it on with *whatever* (glue? :D). Just so it doesn't fall off.
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    Imoe. Yer I see your point. I'm gona try and get some cheepo stuff on EBAY.
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    Hey bucko..aint seen you in a while, do try to use some thermal adhesive, two part sticky stuff, you screw the chip if you use glue or something like that...use thermal adhesive..won't cost ya much..just a few dollars at your local computer store..
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    I'm trying to bid some of EBAY UK because I'm so lazy, I'm winning by the way.

    86 I wouldn't wan't to have glue all over my Freeview digital box now would I :D.

    O yer and if your wondering,

    I'm moving the digital box inerds into an old sky orginal (thread I posted earlier :happy:) box, it's all going to get super called because there's much more ventallation in that. It just get's really hot if I don't do anything, sometimes I have to pull the power cord out because the software locks up even with the latest version, so I'm going to try these lil things out and see how they go. Ill keep you posted ;).