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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bheagle, May 28, 2002.

  1. bheagle

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    Ok here is the best replacement I have found yet for Kazaa, just in case....

    There is no spyware,adware or other BS with it, although it does ask you if you want to install that savenow garbage you can select not to and still install it.


    let me know what you think of it too... but so far I like it...
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    I feel this topic is
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    Oh by the way.....

    If you are inticed by Kazzaa's desktop search helper think again it in stallled 28 bits of spyware along with it!!!:mad:
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    Pushing to the front of the line. :D
  9. w0lv3rin3

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    U know what

    better then Kazaa, FreeWare, Morpheus, or any other P2P it mIRC, that is the best and better then any other thing out their, ight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. GaMMa

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    That's just a spyware free version of Limewire. It requires you to install 16MB of Java files so you can use it. I find it slow and uses up a ton of reasouces... Use kazaalite..
  11. Dartman

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    Try WinMX instead...

    Get off Kazaa, Kazaa-Spyfree, KazaaLite, Morpheus, eDonkey, LimeWire, etc, etc...

    Give WinMX 3.1 a try - I've auditioned the rest (well most of them, and certainly all the more popular ones). Some are better than others of course, but for P2P, WinMX wins hands down [IMHO]. It's small, fast and has a large established user base that's growing fast.

    Get WinMX here...
  12. Get winmx its the shiznit :D
  13. bytebandit00

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    kazaalite rocks!
  14. Dartman

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    OK, if you say so... Kazaalite is not my fav. but if it works for you then great, have fun with it. I'll stick with WinMX thanks...

  15. Alex_is_Axel

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    I find WinMX is the worst for downloading the actual selected download file.. For instance, when its in the que.. there are loads of times when it actually cancels itself so to speak (unable to find connection) or whatever. But i find its really slow :D even though i still have it for superior backup for Kazaa ;) . Yes it has a wide collection on WinMX but its solid to download the buggering files :p

    Most of you proberbly think differently of me but i have those problems and it bugs be alot:mad: Nevermind :D
  16. SUbsysT9

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    i agree with dreamliner77 but for one thing is that the latest version 1.71 has got spyware so try to avoid it by downloading a earlier version

    hope this helps
  17. riscy

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    My vote goes to KazaaLite - tried winMX and thought it sucked.

    As for version KazaaLite 1.7.1 with spyware - GET REAL!!!! Even better than the other versions and still no spyware or crap. Plaese do your research before you comment, SUb.
  18. SUbsysT9

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    Ok i dont normally get into little tiffs with kiddies that got a 'puter from mommy and daddy but when someone has got nothing good to say and posts idiotic remarks without research of their own and confuses others, i think its time to teach that kiddy how it works.

    Ok riscy let me show you how wrong you are and then when you are able to swollow youre pride you can write something nice like "i am sorry!".

    ok the reason kazaalite was invented was becuase kazaa had so much spyware you could be tracked basically with everything you did or got of the net, so they inveted kazaalite for the nice guys out there to be able to share. ok there are currently all the version of kazaa up to version 1.61 which the spyware were removed from and were called kazaalite version 1.71 has not been cracked and the spyware removed so and if ofcourse you are bitter now and dont believe me here is a link that will shed a bit of lite on the matter but if you are lazy to siff through all the post on the forum or read all the faqs here is a direct link to a post that discusses the topic thats at hand .

    well now that we have covered that issue one thing i have to add i see you have posted 49 times on this board when you replied to me and i do really hope that not all of them were as lame as this one if so i think you should find something else to do with you 'puter like play games or something like that it will do less damage to people who really want to learn

    thank you very much for you understanding

    and i really do hope this info will help other people on this thread.

    "If our brain was so simple that we could understand it.we would be sosimple that we could not." Gafitti 2
  19. riscy

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    end of story.

    We agree to disagree
  20. robin.munro

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    That's strange...

    I installed 1.7.1 and did a spy search and it can up with a clean system. I also didi a search with that other program, can't rememeber it's name 'spybot' of something and it came up with nothing.

    SUbsysT9 try calming you littleness down a bit, REMEMBER you are the newbie. If that's the sort of input you give, true or not, let your attitute take a walk.....