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    While browsing, I accidentally clicked on a java applet, and the site then installed automatically onto my computer! I instantly ran ad-aware, and removed the SPYWARE, and also noticed that it added a lot of weblinks to "My Favorites". Does anyone know if there are any other places this pathetic thing installs?
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    I have downloaded LOP many times...
    There is an unistaller at
    use it first, then ad-aware.
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    Now that darn Lop is back. I ran the unistall.exe and ad-aware, but suddenly lop showed up again???
    Where does it come from? I haven't visited at a very long time...
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    This may be the solution, it worked for me.

    Mike Healan: April 15, 2002 has become one of the most infamous of all browser hijackers. All over the internet, from message boards to newsgroups to IRC chat rooms I've seen people begging for help in getting rid of this filthy little piece of scumware. Continued:

    For instructions on how to completely remove it from your system, try:

    To prevent it from ever coming back I'm thinking I can create an empty dll file by the same names as their trojan uses THEN making it readonly so it can't be easily overwritten in the future. Here are the commands
    to copy and paste into your Start/Run field: Just type "exit" or click the X to close the DOS window that is left open.

    command /k rem > \windows\plg_ie0.dll
    command /k attrib \windows\plg_ie0.dll +r
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    What toolbar is it

    I'm running Ad-Aware Pro and Spybot plus iHate Popups, but can't get rid of this damn thing.... Help !!!!!!

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    Wow! You dug deep for this thread :p

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    Yea, That looks like LOP to me. I've just managed to get rid of it myself.