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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tengcm, Aug 16, 2002.

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    Is there any tool can remove the bundled spyware from Kazza?
    I try to remove using Ad-aware but after that, i can't use Kazza anymore. So any idea ?
  2. Cosmin

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    this is the only solution I can see now :rolleyes:
  3. Khayman

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    Use a lite version
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  8. just get kazaa lite. it's good.
  9. Hipster Doofus

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    for viruses
  10. i have kazaa lite for some time now, and i dont have any kind of anti virus things, although i get em from time to time or check my hd online. so far i have not gotten a single virus or anything of that kind
  11. Hipster Doofus

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    That's like playing with a loaded gun. One day........................
    Why don't you at least use a freeware virus program?
  12. well first of all for some reason i dont want to bother with it. because i dont keep anything that important on my computer, i usually burn all my stuff, movie etc. to cds. becides if i see some unusual activity i can get some antivirus in couple min and check computer, the virus cant really do anything to my computer except maybe make me format , that i think is the worst thing that can happen

    about that loaded gun, u never know, u might be killed by a car tomorrow or something can fall on u next week and break your neck. it's not a safe world out there if u havent noticed yet :)
  13. Hipster Doofus

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    But being in an car accident or having a brick fall on me head is something out of my control. Protecting myself against virus attack is something I can protect myself from.
    If you burn things to cd don't hand it around. How do you know it is not infected?
  14. do movies and music files get infected? and i havent yet seen yet iso's that are infected. becides i'm only getting movies and music from kazaa and games from other trusted places
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    sorry if off topic?

    if you down load anything from the net you run the risk of a virus not just from a P2P prog.
    if you have downloaded a virus.your AV/SW should hopefully pick it up.
    however if you do not have any AV at all.
    it also means that you are passing it on in your share (you do share?)
    something to think about! maybe

    i use AVP which is free.
    but i also use a online scan about every 3weeks
    pc cillin do a free online scan called housecall
    link is set for UK.for others go to homepage to start guy here! not looking to piss anyone off.just my 2cents!
  16. well just for the hek of it run a symantec online antivirus scan. it didnt find any kinds of viruses on my computer. and i think as long as i'm getting stuff from places more or less known,i should not get a virus.
    and yea i do share stuff, about 12kb/sec that i can freely upload, i know it's not much but sometimes it's all u need :)