Remove "Brilliant software" from Kazaa

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by patrick, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. patrick

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    I mean how many people read the agreement before they install something?
    Read the full story... it's bad... they are just a little off taking over our entire computer...
    I'm sure there must be laws about this type of thing...

    Any ideas how to remove this stupid software from Kazaa?

  2. Qumahlin

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    You will have the ability to disable it once it is actually "turned on"

    As for legality..thats the thing..noone reads the agreements therefore you make it legal..And it's the price you pay to use their software

    I don't like to defend companies actions but everyone wants everything free. you don't want their 3rd party software installed, you don't want their ads, you just want to use there program free and be able to download whatever you want...

    remember, they have to make money somehow to stay alive :p
  3. patrick

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    Well I've seen programs to disable adds completely but haven't used them for the same reason as what you have stated.

    I think it is a completely different story when they try and use my bandwidth, resources and my proccessing power (especially since I have already devoted my idle proccessing time to running programs such as UD and Seti), to a task cnet describes as "not neccissarily being in our best interest", when all I wanted was a simple file sharing program!?
    After all... it can be described as nothing other than a trick to cheat people away from the free use of their computer by proccessing information for this ironically named "Brilliant" company.
    IF however they clearly state their cause, effect, and give us the option to run it or not BEFORE my computer is "switched on", then I will take back my accusations.

  4. UberGrits

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    Amen, brother.
  5. Brad

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    but, by agreeing to that, u have stated that you have read the terms and conditions and you agree with them ALL. thats part of the BS that comes with the software

  6. SeeKerS

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    BDE Romover

    Brilliant Digital Entertainment Remover & Ads

    1. In the Windows Control Panel, select an option called "Add/Remove Programs."
    One of the options will be "b3d Projector." Highlight this and click the "Change/Remove" button.

    You may get a message that the uninstall has been successful.
    Search your computer for a "BDE" folder, which most likely will be found in the "WinNT" or "Windows" directory.
    In this folder will be a file called "bdeclean.exe". Run this to finish the first part of the process.
    Delete the BDE folder.

    Caution: An unrelated piece of software called Borland Database Engine also creates a BDE directory.
    If you think you may have this software installed, or if there is any confusion whatsoever, do not delete this directory.

    2. In the "Temp" directory (this will normally be found inside the "Windows" or "WinNT" directory)
    is a folder called "Brilliant." This contains many files. Delete the entire folder.

    3. After performing steps 1 and 2, you will need to locate and remove some
    additional Brilliant Digital files that have been placed in critical system-level
    computer directories. CAUTION: Deleting the wrong files could interfere with the
    normal functioning of your computer. These files will most likely be in the
    "WindowsSystem" or "WinNTSystem32" folder:


    Delete these files.

    4.Search for a file called (Hosts) with no extension.
    open with notepad then at the end add the following commands