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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by clitoxic, Jan 3, 2002.

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    Is there a simple and detailed guide on how to setup a remote desktop? ive got everthing installed to make this possible...however i dont understand some of the options and what to do with them....i want to be able to host my computer so that my brother (in another town) can be able to access my computer..

    any site/explanation is greatly appreciated
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    Remote desktop web access for windows all vers

    This will allow you to use remote desktop with just a web browser on any version of windows(cool, eh?). right click on my computer, click properties<remote<check "allow user to connect remotely to this computer>apply. go to control panel. double click add/remove programs. select "add/remove windows componenets. let it load for a bit. check "Internet Information Services(IIS)" and hit next. install that. test it. go to some computer(win 98, me, 2k, etc) and type in your computer adress(Internet IP if outside your Home network and network IP if within your home network) and add /tsweb to the end of it. u can keep everything blank and hit connect then log in as if u were right in front of it(computer login, eg administrator, and password). for example: http://12.345.678.901/tsweb click connect(leave other things blank) and log in.
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    Duplicate post...

    He got it working this morning...