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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ian, Jan 18, 2002.

  1. ian

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    i usually use remote desktop connection to access my computer @home. but, since yesterday that i can't access my local disk drivers... don't know what happenned :( also, can't access to a shared folder of my second home computer (have 2 computers connected: server with xp pro and client with win98se).

    can someone please help me??? :( :( :(


    ps: thought it was some rule in firewall. to try, i've disconnected it, but it keeps not accessing my local drivers and my shared folder......
  2. Lactic.Acid

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    I'm not sure...Mine doesn't connect local drives either. =/ Something I need to try and research. My solution is running an IIS FTP server to transfer files.
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    Make sure that the usernamre you are logging on with has the correct rights in the Users control panel and access rights in the Remote Desktop settings (in the System control panel)

  4. ian

    ian Guest

    i really don't get it!!.. i reinstall xp pro, it detected everything, i finally accessed files and printer from computer 2 (client). i rebooted and, when double-clicked on shared folder again... it simply, crashed!! (not responding). it detects client, i can access printer but.. can't access files!.. already installed netbui, etc etc. but still doesn't work. i am desperate.......... :(
  5. ian

    ian Guest

    nothing works! both computers have access to internet but can't share files! it works fine at first time but when i reboot computers, can't access files anymore! **** it. i am sick of this crap called micro$hit! going back to linux where EVERYTHING WORKS!!! ****!! (sorry for bad language but i am really sick of this shit!!! can't make backups!!!).

    linux rules!
  6. Lactic.Acid

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    I'm sorry we couldn't help you out more, but if Linux proves to hold roadblocks as well, perhaps we can help you out again, starting from the beginning and go through everything that could affect your networking.
  7. ian

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    it's not your problem :) it's just windows... i mean, it is supposed to be more intuitive and easy but.. i was told that probably it's a problem with 98. some sort of incompatibility with xp. i don't know.. what i know is that, now, with mandrake linux installed, everything is working great! i am sorry, but when it comes to networking, linux is the best.
    thanks anyway for your help.
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