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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GraLk, Sep 19, 2002.

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    'k guy n gals, i got a problem I need to try to solve.

    Is there a program available that would enable me to access my wife's desktop machine at her university (win2k), and her notebook (XP) from our desktop at home (win2k).Both of her machines woudl be on the uiversity LAN, so behind protection.

    The reason is that she often has problems with the desktop there, and it is a pain having to drive 45 mins each way to fix it. We have tried doing some stuff over the phone, but it isnt always feasable. It would need to be a prog that would let her watch what i was doing if possible...not like XP remote that locks the accessed machine.

    Any suggestions?

    GraLk :confused:
  2. jawshoouh

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    pcAnywhere or something similar
  3. kc7sbf

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    I would suggest Symantec PCAnywhere (the latest version is 10.5), and there is an update available from liveupdate that makes it fully compatible with XP. If you don't apply that update, it only disables the fast user switching feature in XP. It also changes the appearance of the shutdown/restart dialog box without the update applied.

    I've used PCAnywhere in the past, and it works great. I use it for the same reason that you use it for.

    You may have to coordinate with the University's IT Staff to configure PCAnywhere to work through their firewall (also you may need their permission if you're installing this application on a University owned computer).

    In order for you to be able to control the remote computer, your computer must go out and look for hosts, and the other computer has to be the host, which accepts the connection. This may mean that you would need to know that computers IP address (not the University's ISP IP address.)

    If your side is on a dial-up connection, this would be possible, but it will work fairly slow; it may take a minute or two for the screen to "draw", but it's worth the wait verses a 45 minute one-way drive.

    XP's remote assistance only works between two Windows XP home/professional computers. It is not backward compatible with older versions of Windows. I'm not sure if a program exists that will work with XP's remote assistance and run on a Pre-XP machine.

    Hope that info helps :)
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    WinVNC - Open source free software. Works like a charm :)

    Make sure you give it a shot ...

    EDIT: BTW, VNC is cross-platform and can work with Windows (all versions), *nix and Mac.
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    :D :D :D :D :D

    Thx people!!

    I will give those apps a try as soon as I can.

    Much appreciated!!

    GraLk :D
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    You're always welcome :)
  7. tkole

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    Is it possible to do this on a remote computer that is connected behind a server using internet connection sharing?
  8. Akash

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    I'll recommend this

    Remote Administrator
    ( i think or

    this is one excellent program
    Ive used it for months now

    You can do the following

    Basically you install it on all the computers, and 'hide' the taskbar icon so no one knows you're watching

    once you have done that, you run the main server program, and you can do the following:

    'View Computers : IE: Spy'
    'Take Control of the computer: use your mouse to control other machines while they watch what happens
    File manager... you have a file manager of theirs on your machine so you can transfer files from one machine to another
    switch of their machine
    restart their machine

    I highly recommend it
    best thign is unlike remote desktop, it doesnt log the other computers off
    you can simply sit back and watch your peer's do whatever they are doing on their machine without them even knowing