Reminder Msgs created w/ Task Scheduler

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Powerchordpunk, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Is there a way I can create a scheduled task that simply displays a system message to remind me to do something? I am looking for a scheduled task that displays something along the lines of "Backup the registry!" but I don't know what to put in the Run section of the scheduled task properties. Better yet, is there a program that sits in the background and backs up system registry to specific file/folder w/out getting in the way?
  2. You can use this command line tool (msgbox) to display message dialogs with your choice of icons and buttons. Easy to use and gets its job done.

    the command:

    msgbox /II "Reminder" "This is a reminder to do something"

    will popup a dialog with the information bubble icon and display the text This is a reminder to do something with an OK button.
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    Nice little app JC . . do you know what other command switch that is available for this app?

    you may also want to check out Stikies40
    its like 3M Post-it note and have a wake-up feature as what you wish for.
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