Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neo090282, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. neo090282

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    Does anybody know of any benchmarking toolls that will check the hardware set up throughout my system and my Windows XP set-up.

    As i'm finding recently windows XP is un-reliable.

    Any help would really be appreciated.
  2. allan

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    Don't mean to disagree, but XP is extremely reliable. If you are having problems with it please provide a little more info about the specific problems you are having (and any relevant error messages you may be getting) and your HW setup.
  3. beatlesdb

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    I agree with allan I have been using windows XP for nearly a year (beta versions included) and found it extremely reliable - but unlike Windows98 it needs a little more understanding of the system - so you are able to fix any issues.
    This is a great place to get help from - use it :D
  4. neo090282

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    I agree totally, I mean I have friends that have no issues with Xp at all.

    One such regular error is:


    STOP: 0x00000050 (0x84E51046, 0x00000001, 0xBF86FA7B, 0x00000000)


    Thats one of them,, the is another that i havnt been able to write down but that was an IRQNOT LESS OR EQUAL or something.

    I havn't got a ninja b**tard PC or anything, but my mates have got lower spec PC's and it works fine, its really beginning to trouble me.
  5. damnyank

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    You watch - I will get the BSOD in the next hour - however I have had this new puter since Feb 8th (no - I am not up 24/7 - only about 12 hours per day average) and have never seen a BSOD - my old Compaq (on Win98)was a regular crasher at about every 4 hours!

    I guess I might consider XP reliable!

  6. cruiser78

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    It sounds like your memory could be bad or something. I had a 128 MB piece that was incompatible with my system and it got recogonized as 256 MB so the OS would try to use the 128 MB that wasn't there and gave much the same error. That was with Windows ME though.
  7. neo090282

    neo090282 Guest

    How can I tell if it is, it does seem to recognize it ok during Bios check and in Windows? Anyway of being sure??

    I thought a page fault would be more to do with the page file or is it to do with phsyical memory?
  8. cruiser78

    cruiser78 Me

    you could try borrowing some ram from a friend or something... i'm not sure which it would have to do with.. page file or physical memory
  9. GoNz0

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    right click on my computer & select properties, recognised ram is listed there.