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  1. Unfortunately, there is not a really proper collector to this topic -it is clearly not a problem with applications, games, hardware etc.
    I do not stand alone with this problem of XP installation.
    FIRST, I have two winchesters, and I tried to push up the XP to the slave as the first is under a quasi-working Win98. (Everybody knows that if I try to refresh Win98 after XP, then I have no way to resign unless I do not format the whole driver.)
    At those times I did not know the aggressive behaviour of XP: it cannot imagine itself below than "master". So, it did not incline to find the driver "D". O.K., it does not go further than other wickedness of Windows. So, it asked me properly, "do you want to go on with installing to C?". Obviously, I answered "NO".
    SECOND. It closed friendly, but I had to face with a disgusting and cruel phenomenon at the next boot. It asks me whether I want to go on with installing XP. There is no way (?) to get rid of this persumptious question, moreover, I did not find a way to make the Windows98 boot as default.
    Do not you think it will strengthen the general love for Windows if it intentionally makes the computer work unbearable? At any boot it will put up a totally unimportant question which unanswered will make the machine reboot. I can hardly imagine a more offensive and destructive "service".
    Could anybody help me, specially in the SECOND problem, that is, with a smart description how to get rid of this disgusting boot manner?
    Thanks in advance,
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    yikes... that took far too much effort to read and understand...

    What i've gathered is that you have 2 hard drives. One with Windows 98 and one with Windows XP.

    What you have done is swapped Windows XP to slave so that Windows 98 would boot first.

    What Windows XP does is put it on the Master Boot Record so no matter where the hard drives are, win xp will still be resident.

    If you want to get rid of this menu/install thing

    get your hands on a windows 98 boot disk that has fdisk

    However, for the life of me i can't remember the command to format the MBR through fdisk.

    Next time however, it will be far more easier for you if you installed Windows 98 first then install Windows XP on the second hard drive so that way you will have a Dual Boot system.

    This means you have a little menu at the start so that you can choose Windows XP or Windows 98.
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    As far as I understood XP is not yet installed. Perhaps try to explain it more clearly and perhaps try to concentrate on the problem and not on blaming Windows for everything that goes wrong.
  4. Well, pardon if it was too difficult (I thought it is, however, simpler than Marcel Proust or the windows messages).

    - I have 2 winchesters. C: master, Win98, D: slave, EMPTY.
    - I tried to install Win XP to D.
    - The install could not find D. It asked whether continue install on C. I answered an immediate NO. It closed properly.
    - SINCE then at each booting it ASKS whether I want to continue installing or not (second case: it boots win98, but NOT this is the default). This question is absolutely annoying -you cannot leave the machine during the boot.

    I hope in this form it is not difficult. Obviously, I understand if somebody cannot explain what to do, how to get rid of the disgusting question. But explain me, please, why not the windows XP is the faulty -I would be curious.
  5. (By the way, and it is beyond the particular problems, for those who admire Microsoft and XP in it: why should I praise that XP decides several things without asking me, the buyer, whether I allow it or not to do it? Why shall I be glad to see persumptiousness? Why does Microsoft tend below and below with its each new operation system? I bought an XP, it was not cheap. I put the install CD in. From this point I did not do anything that answered its silly questions properly. But instead of working for my money, it made the quasi-working system much more worse and unbearable. Could somebody please explain me why should I be merry and begin to dance?)
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    boot into Win98
    open up boot.ini that should be in C:\

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect /KERNEL=LOGOOS.EXE
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="(Backup Line) Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect

    It should look somewhat like that, merely change the line that says default to the Win98 option.

    Rather than blame MS for your installation problems, try going through the process again. Make sure that you enable choose partition to install in the advanced section.

    Good Luck with it
  7. Thank you -obviously it was among the first that I looked in the boot.ini: obviously again, it was impossible to edit it to change the default.
    I regard each dollar for windows as a window-out thrown money, but I will never try to install XP again. Your paraenesis about my view of Microsoft was thinkful, but did not help me to feel love towards Windows.
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    If I were you I would give it a second try, XP is certainly worth it. Otherwise, post your XPcopy for a low price in our trading forum. Someone else probably will be happy with it.
    To repair your current installation look if you can find something at:
  9. Thank you again.
    I did not know that there is a legal secondary market for XP licences. You cannot say such a low price I do not sell it for you.
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    XP is far superior to 98 why don't you just upgrade over 98 instead of trying to dual boot? by the sound of it you don't know what that means anyways. theres pretty much no reason to have 2 OS's on one pc since you can only use one at a time. bashing a good product because you bought it then don't want to use it how its ment to be used is not MicroSofts fault, it is yours. Bashing the product and the company because the operator is faulty isn't the way to go.
  11. yoyo

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    I did not quite understand the last sentence of your post. To the first part, if it is not installed and activated on another machine you can of course sell your XP-license.
  12. To Krux: I see you sitting in a solemn silence behind your glasses in the classroom where everybody is throwing different subject besides of you.
    "Bashing the product and the company because the operator is faulty isn't the way to go." Friend, try to understand please, that from the origin, when I was mad to put the CD in the slot, I followed PRECISELY the commands.
    Well, I was faulty to BUY it at all; if bought then to TRY it out at all. It's the byblical problem of Babelian tower. My tower consists of two disks: one of the Win98, other is the XP. It collapsed, it was madly high.
  13. To yoyo: let's be slower.
    You say you give me 1 USD for my XP license. I say, OK, guy, the license is yours.
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    :D Personally I don't need a second license. Someone else may be interested.
    Look out guys BESTBUY OFFER ;)
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    HAHAHAHA the fact that is soooooooooooooo wrong its funny I am the skater boy throwing the paper at the computer nerds and yet some how knowing more then 80% of them while having a life with girls and friends. to bad so sad....... find a new waste of skin every day, and I think I found todays!

    Ps: most of them where my friends and they did throw paper back its not like I was picking on them. I just chose to have a good social life and learn alot about computers.
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    To format the master boot record.... use a boot disk and get to a command line...
    Type: fdisk /mbr
  17. To m3th: thank you very much, I had tried it, it did not work. XP is more cunning...
    However, to close this topic optimistic, to illustrate man's power over trash, the ever-lasting human dignity against usurpation, I inform every kind helpers about my final success. After several tryings I found the following working in boot.ini. I hope those thousands who also tried to work with XP will exploit its benefits. Without any analysis, the pure and clear solution is the following.

    [Boot Loader]
    [Operating Systems]
    C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional - setup"
    C:\="Microsoft Windows"
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    sorry to say this but you sound really up yourself..

    perhaps your just using a translator to english but just the way you manipulate the english language... to me it feels as though you think you are better than us by using long words that actually require thought to understand.
  19. No problem, bunny, I am not angry.
    Prof. Anthony Buchanan, Washington D.C. was quite satisfied with my English, handling my PhD in his white gloves ("Ancient and Modern Linguistical Elements in Shakespearian King Dramas", 2001.)
    Could you please specify which sentence of mine was incorrect?