Registry in use during log off

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Admiral Michael, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Hey All,

    I seem to get alot of these Warnings in my Event Log and was wondering if you guys had anything similiar and possibly know a solution. It's on both my laptop and desktop if I may add.

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  2. bush dogg

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    Yes I get that a lot on all systems now, it didn’t start until after I installed SP2. Microsoft claims in most cases its Antivirus software that causes this (not releasing the registry) at shutdown or logoff.

    Microsoft has a tool to correct the problem and unload the user profile.

    UPHClean is what its called. You can read about and download it Here

    I haven’t used it yet but friends have gotten sick of that in the event viewer and installed this tool and not looked back.

    You can read what it will do Here
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    Although annoying, it is safe to ignore. Or you can use the tool mentioned above.
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    Yeah, I agree it's both annoying and safe to ignore. SP2 has been getting bad press lately, which is a shame. I have run that tool on a few computers, where people who stare at the event log all day are complaining, other than that I leave it alone.