Registry Firewall V2.2

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    Found something interesting here:

    internet or running other software. Registry Firewall can help you :

    1. Block Adware and Spyware from internet
    2. Block malicious modification to registry
    3. Monitor all registry activities
    4. Scan registry for Adware and Spyware entries
    5. Monitor other shareware's time limit in registry

    Main Feature:
    1. Monitor registry activities at run-time
    Registry Firewall works in the way of run-time response. Unlike other registry utility which needs a snapshot of registry, Registry Firewall can detect registry activities exactly at the time they are happening.

    2. Flexible filter methods
    Registry Firewall provides you flexible filter methods to monitor your registry activities.

    3. Log to file
    You can export registry activities log to a file for later anylasis

    Thanks TC Magazine