Refresh rate no choice of opitimal in XP.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by body electric, May 11, 2002.

  1. Hiyah,
    I just installed Windows XP professional on my home computer and I had a question regarding ATI RADEON 64MB agp video cards or any other cards; I upgrade from windows ME and had the refresh rate on my monitor set at optimal. Which it gave me that choice in Windows ME with the ATI driver. I also uploaded the XP driver for ATI on my machine to so, it does have the same program as ME but no optimal! My refresh rate was at 80khz 100hz now it's 65mhz 85hz. It won't go higher than that! I haven't tried playing a game like "half life" but I did use Oozic player (heavy 3-D graphics) and it was stuck at 85hz.
    does anyone know how I can get back my faster refresh rate?
  2. Figured it out...see attachment if anyone else has this problem with there video card.

    uncheck the "hide modes that this monitor cannot display" and choose which refresh rate is best for your monitor.

    I chose 100hz since that is what I had previous to XP upgrade.
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    if your monitor doesnt support the refresh rate and you chose it anyways, get ready to have your monitor burn out soon.
  4. How do you know if your monitor can handle it?
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    what type of monitor are you using?
  6. A Gateway 19" vivatron
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    if you know the model #, go to the gateway website and look up the specs on your monitor. it should tell you
  8. Yeah, I checked the specs on Gateway's site and it says it's optimal at 69khz 85hz at 1024X768. Changed it back, didn't realize I could be looking at a blank monitor if I kept those settings.
    Thanks for the info dijital!
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    It also varies on resolution. Sometimes higher resolutions need lower refresh rates or they will burn out. A simple solution is to open the Device Manager, and upgrade the driver from Plug and Play monitor to the specific driver for your monitor (if it comes with Windows). The drivers will then you from exceeding the proper limits and burning out your monitor

  10. yeah, I checked gateway's website, no dice.
    Can I ask a question, If the refresh rate is higher that means more fluid graphics in games and dvd?