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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by amoebadrew, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. amoebadrew

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    I hope this isn't a virus, in the rum command the recently run programs are ftp and telnet. I run a web server using apache. Am i being hacked? Is this normal? Is it just some program using this? Any other ideas? thanks
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    Run this

    Active Ports

    it shows you any open ports or any ports in use , very easy to use.

    Telnet = 23
    FTP =21

    You can also use this program to close a port .......

    Also check to see if any data is being sent out when your not using the machine...

    Then I suggest running an Antivirus through your entire system just to make sure.....

    And yes Telnet is a way they can control your machine
  3. amoebadrew

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    i've tried active ports before. when it opens it get an error Incorrect function. the title of the error says Active Ports - OpenPhysicalMemory error! (1)
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    If it is in the recent commands under Start->Run it is probably just people using your computer to telnet into other comptuers. The commands "telnet" and "ftp" in the Windows command line are clients, not servers. Those programs are being activated by a person, who is connecting to other hosts, not other hosts conecting to you

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    im positive no one else used my comp