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    Hello everyone I'm new to this and I must say i love this site it's great. Ok here's the question,

    I'm running Xp pro I decided to do a netstat and I found a 3 connection to a

    I went to the page it's just a page for Email for a company in Calf. I changed my host file to redirect the IP address. How can I find which App is making these calls to that address and then remove it?

    Thanks again in advance you guys are a wealth of Information.
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    Figured it out

    well I downloaded a program called tiny personal firewall and it idenitified the source for this outgoing TCP request. It seems when I downloded a multiplayer map for return to castle wolfenstein it was part of the package.
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    RSNET (or RSDNet) You can simply remove this program in Add/Delete Programs Dialog Box

    this program comes with a file named RSNetClient which stay in memory and i dont know what it does if someone could reply thx

    this program is like flash ,its a media plug in
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    where did u get tiny personal firewall from?