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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Marco, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. Marco

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    Hi guys
    could someone please help
    I tried fixing a recent problem, Windows\system32\config\system error when booting up.
    I tried a fix i found on the MS community forum help site but it has not worked correctly.
    The fix said to boot with the XP cd in and open the recovery console, which i did. I then had to rename the system file and copy the file from the recovery folder, reboot and everything would be peachy.
    When i reboot i get a brief error , something about incorrect password in ISSYS.EXE (i think thats correct, it appears only very briefly)
    When i try and go back into recovery console and try a different approach i am asked for a administrator password, even though i never had one set up originally.
    Is there a generic password i could use to overcome this?
    Any help would be MUCH appreciated
  2. xsk8zerox

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    It would either be your password or try just hitting enter mine didnt even need a password