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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rperre, Jul 16, 2002.

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    I reinstalled windows XP professional on my system, I used the same login name for the administrator account, but it made a new directory for this account and now I can't reach to my old files in my old administrator directory. There's some stuff that I really want back in there! Can anybody tell me how to do this?

    Normally as an administrator you can look in all files and folders in de documents and settings directory, Exept for this old administrator account, it's really anoying!

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    Right-click on the directory, choose Sharing and Security. Under the security tab, add your username to the list. Give yourself full control. That should do it.

    Note: this works with the classic desktop settings (not the standard settings).
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    got my files back!

    That worked, thanks, It takes me a while because XP does not let you do a sub directory deep adjustment of the owner and security settings. Although you can do multiple files and folders in one directory.

    Thanks again, I got my files back