'Reconnect on logon' cause SEVERE Problem!!!!!! help

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rangerevo8, May 10, 2006.

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    i hav 2 pc linked in my local network.
    both are using same os (XP Media Center Edition)
    both hav their shared folder. n both had map each other's shared folder to drive (z:). (like usual, 'reconnect on logon' is checked)

    however, i encounter some logon problem last few days..
    d windows logon very slow (hang at welcome screen, displaying 'Loading Your Persnal..')
    after i turn Verbose on and i get it is hang while executing wlnotify.dll
    more seriously.. even after i wait for around 2 minutes.. (for it to log into desktop) it display nothing in d desktop, even Start taskbar also missing.. it just hang with an empty desktop about 5-10 minute before it can slowly starting d Start taskbar followed wif my prog

    1st, i thought it was infected by viruses.. (after check, it is not.)

    2nd, i thk that it might be d OS prob.. (hence, i workaround with it about 3 days!!!)

    finally, i found somethg.. when i disable/uncheck the 'Reconnect on logon' (at Mapping Network Drive) n i reboot.. it boots normally.. about 30sec only it take to login to the desktop..

    however, i wonder y my other pc can logon normally wif d 'Reconnect on logon' checked without any prob??

    what is my prob?? anyone expert or had experience wif tis b4 pls help!!!
    anyone hav their suggestion to solve tis probs also.. pls help.. Reply!!
    i had worakaround wif tis d 4th days.. (in act, i jus reformat my pc last week T.T)