rebuilding system - HD and ram question

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  1. greggustin

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    have 2 sticks of 1gb ram (big)
    ddr pc3200
    and 2 sticks of 256Mb ram (small)
    ddr pc3200

    P4 3.2Ghz, pci and 2 200Gb sata HD

    with 4 slots for memory
    is it
    big-big; small-small?
    big-small; big-small

    and HD
    I am now a HUGE fan of making image files
    my HD thoughts are
    c: and d:
    two partions on same HD
    and E (etc) on 2nd drive
    put system on C:. programs on D:
    Swap on E: (does swap file partition need to be empty??)
    and data files on the other partitions on 2nd drive
    this is looking for performance on games and ease of making dedicated images for rebuilds

    I have 4 sata ports in MB and have 2 SATA drives
    but no place to put 3rd drive (physically)
    what do you guys do?
    (hehe - besides buy a taller tower)
  2. mlakrid

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    you gave most of the correct information, but you forgot one important one:

    Whats the make/model of your mobo? With that we can pull up the correct installation of your DIMMS.

    As for your not having enough room, you either:
    A) like you already said buy a new case ...OR...
    B) find a modification to fit it in a slot which would normally hold your CD/DVD/Optical drives

    Im guessing you will do "B"

    write back...

    EDIT: Also for the drives Drives one and two (for speed sakes should be RAID 0) That is of course if you dont mind NOT having any redundancy, as RAID 0 offers none...
    use CD or DVD backups and you should be fine....
  3. madmatt

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    New York
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  4. greggustin

    greggustin OSNN Addict

    gateway 550gr
    need more info?
    not sure where to get it
    maybe I call the factory?

    the slots are grouped in pairs