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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jealousy, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. jealousy

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    is there any tool or something to make my pc reboot at specific time? the problem is that pc hangs up if left on for few days, but i really need it to run every night. but of course, i don`t want to go to work every day(weekend) and reboot it by my self. (one nite it works ok, but if left alone for over 30hrs it just hangs up...)
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    hangs on xp? man something must be wrong with your computer. Anyway, you can use any scheduling program (xp has one installed already) then use the tips around for making shortcuts to reboot (c:\windows\system32\somefile.dll,reboot) although I can't remember the exact details of this shortcut.
  3. Khayman

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    go to a command prompt (run cmd) then type shutdown/?

    this will display all the options for the shutdown command. if you run it with /r it restarts the machine, there is also an option to set a time for it tor restart, but i can't rememebr what it is at the moment
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    This is notepad and type in "SHUTDOWN -r -t 01"
    without the quotes. Save it as reboot.bat in your Windows directory. Open task scheduler and schedule 'reboot.bat', I have mine reboot everyday at 5am every day after it has done all my other scheduled tasks every night.
  5. jealousy

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    thank you! it works! great! thanks!: )