Ready To Pay?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by omgsoup, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. omgsoup

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  2. DrX

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    Yes i agree with you.

    The reason a lot of stuff is/was for free is the large sites were scared to add a fee, as their competitor would get all the business.
    Now what happpens is, they all get together and agree to charge = end of free stuff.

    People and companies are sick and tired of shelling out big money and getting no returns when running a website. Alot of kids dont realise how much it actually costs to have a busy website. It runs into the thousands per month.

    I ran a large website for a few years and i might have well given everyone who visited my site $2 as thats what the bandwith and hosting was costing me.

    Like you said Ben, i wouldnt mind paying if it was worth the money.

    I predict a VERY large change in the next 6 - 12 months with websites.
  3. aletank

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    Just paying my monthly subscription is enough to my ISP, not to mention all the adverts and pop ups on the net now !!!
  4. koko

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    i wouldn't mind paying a small fee (and i do mean small) for services i use on a regular basis. i understand that companies need to make a little money if they're running a website/online business.

    i can't complain, 'cause i get a lot of crap for free ;)
  5. UberGrits

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    I don't mind paying, as long as I feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of it. Take for instance, audiogalaxy--I think paying 3 bucks a month to use a set of dedicated servers that setup my mp3 transfers faster (especially during peak usage periods) is completely worth it.
  6. seeme

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    paying for what? sex? a blow-up doll? -ooooooooooo, internet.


    ahh, ic.
    nah piss that off. if someone tries to charge for something there is ALWAYS going to be an alternative for free. napster - nope, winmx, morpheus, audio galaxy, gnutella etc..


    choice my friends is a wonderful thing!
  7. stuy_b

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    I agree with fees and charges on websites.. if what the website has to offer is worth it you pay for it..simple!

    People always have this attitude now that everything should be free. Thats ok if everything else is free (tax,rent,food).

    We all have to make money to live, so I see no problem in paying for a service/product.

    If you want something but arnt prepared to pay, then tough as far as I see it.. NOTHIN IS FRĀ£EE!
  8. Outback2k1

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    I don't know about any of you, but I have better stuff to spend my money besides website content and software.
  9. Narcissus

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    If you had to pay for every thing you did on the internet, the amount would just be too much!!

    almost every website you go on now has Advertisements, and not just little messages some take up you full screen and just get in your way, you click one off and another pops up, things have even changed my home page Etc.... now what right does a web site have of that????
  10. xsivforce

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    Well put Narcissus. Would all the ads and crap go away? I might find that worth paying for.
  11. seeme

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    my experience of the internet is a free one. i pay my ISP for access, and i would not expect to pay for something that i can either get for free or download a crack for - no matter HOW useful the program is. is probably the most useful site i've ever come across in my surfing.

    with the best of intentions, if ive come across something that i've had to pay for, i've always - with no exceptions to date - found an alternative that was cost free.