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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Johncki, Jul 4, 2002.

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    another q for u all. I have the xp home upgrade. I am not ther best speller as u chan see:) Well i am lost without my word spell check. I tryed to load the microsoft works word 98 and it does not work.:mad: As i bought this xp upgrade full of excitement which is a great os. i find out that no spell check. now i know office xp has all sorts of things that i know i would never use. all i really need is word and spell check. I realllllly micss thhe spell check:) I downloaded office xp. off of kazaa. u know. but hey thats called sharing. right. my q is. would the office xp interfere with what i already have on my system. I was told that it would have many bad effects as to outlook. etc. etc. any Ideas peeps. I just need my spellceker................................. :confused:
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    When you install, you can select which portions of M$ Office XP are installed. You could (If you wanted to), only install Word. I purposly never installed Outlook, because I like the normal Outlook Express that came with WindowsXP.