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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Johncki, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. Johncki

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    Hey gang/ I hope someone can help me out on this. I downloaded the grand theft auto 3 and unzipped it to a folder i created C:\unzipped. I opened it up and it installed. My q is. how can i get it completely off of my pc. it does not have a uninstall. I want to remove it because it does not work very well. If i just hit the shift\delete of the unzipped folder. would that get rid of the whole program? I know it unzipped alot of files in dos. I am not sure what to do on this. I could use some help!!! aahhhhhhhhhh:confused:
  2. TR!GG3R

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    well i spose thats wot u get for d/ling a ripped game :p u should go out n buy the games u wish to play :) or learn how to get the decent rips ;)
  3. Jz1397-5

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    um, i tired a rip, but i loved it so I just bought it... it is a great game, just the last missions.
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    ooohh nooo

    if it was a gta3.exe it is a virus, good luck...............:mad:
    its worth buying it it rocks............