Random Freezing in Games

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by bossdodgers, Oct 19, 2002.

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    I have practically sorted out all of my problems that i encountered after my SP1 horrors but there is one thing that has still got me.

    I had mega problems with all of my games freezing and tried everything including every Driver possible and the best i have got is the games now only freeze for about 5 seconds and then play normally again until the next random freeze which can happen anytime , sometimes every 5 mins and sometimes i can go for an hour. It is very random.

    My Specs :

    AMD Athlon 1.4 DDR (PC2100)
    512MB DDR
    Geforce3 Ti 500
    Soundblaster Audigy
    Windows XP

    The drivers i am using now which are the only drivers that let the freeze correct itself after a few seconds are the 40.72 with the fix.

    All the other drivers just freeze and stay froze.

    I have moved the card away from any other cards and i have tried disabling fast write amongst many other things.

    The card worked perfectly before SP1.

    I have posted previously about the SP1 and reported interesting info about it.

    Does anyone know any good tweaks which may resolve this annoying freeze?
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    The thread you started under Hardware was deleted as it's the same thing. You only need to post your question once, under 1 catagory :)
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    I posted it in Hardware and Games because my problem is related to both of these categories because the Games are freezing and it is the Hardware that is causing it.

    I would appreciate it if you would re-instate my add into Hardware please as it is Hardware related and i wasnt aware that you could only post once!!!
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    If that happenned it would be posted twice again wouldn't it. Honestly everyone that visits this board will see your post here. :)

    As for your problem check your cooling. It could be a heat issue.