RAMdisk XP Pro Uses?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Smithy, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Smithy

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    I just got this proggy and I was wondering if you guys knew of any cool system tweaks I can do with it. I have 512 Mb of DDR and I am running Win XP Pro. I have created a 40 Mb partition for my temp internet files. It would be great if you guys knew any other uses for it. Maybe change it to hold my prefetch...beats me :) Thanks.

  2. Perris Calderon

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    I've read lots of stuff indicating the ram disk will be a waste of ram..don't know any apps it will actually improve performance in the real use of xp...of cource there are specific benchmarks the ram disc will demonstrate an improvement on, but that'll be at the expence of performance hits elsewhere...let us know in the end
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    I didn't make a ramdisk, but you should know about the tweak to load the 4mb kernel into ram. Just search on google, it's all over the place. Probably on this very site.
  4. fatboy

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    Is it worth installing ram disc or not ?????

    what are the benefits and what do u mean loading 4mb into the kernel ???
  5. djmorgan

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    There is one BIG tweak using a ram disk, after it is created place your IE temp folders there, it not only speeds up your browsing but assists in your security, in that all your cookies and cached pages are removed when you re boot your machine.

    Aside from that DO NOT use it as a Temp folder, this will cause a major problem for those times you load a new program that needs a reboot to complete installation.

    Other things are user specific like setting it up as your cache for CD burning, or a folder to copy from one disk to another.

  6. allan

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    A ram drive makes sense if you are running a huge, data-centric program. Otherwise you'll probably find it to be a nice toy that you'll put back in the closet in a month.