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    Where on gods green earth are the new radeon drivers. My poor 8500 is a great card with crappy drivers. I wish some 3rd parties would produce them. My old voodoo3 runs on 3rd party drivers on my other XP box. ATI are a bunch of slackers :mad:
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    I found and downloaded the 6025s BETA drivers from ATI website just by looking for the latests drivers for my own 7500, and I know they apply for the 8500 and all other radeons. The exe I downloaded is named that way: wxp-766-04-020129x-2545e.exe
    I didn't installed them yet but will as soon as possible !
    Here's the address:

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    Check the windows update site, I checked it last night and it had a new driver for my ATI AIW Radeon.
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    'nuff said :)
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    wuts wrong with the drivers? even though it doesnt nearly reach the full potential of it's hardware, the Radeon 8500 almost matches geforce 3 ti 500 performance and in 3dmark, it exceeds it...