Radeon 8500LE and Direct X 9

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by demon4870, Dec 21, 2002.

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    I just installed Direct X 9 and Catalyst 3.0 on my computer and Some things have been screwing up with graphics. For Example in my Game of Mafia I cannot read words on the screen. What i was wondering is are these two things (Direct X 9 and Catalyst 3.0 supposed to be compataible), because on the website it said they were. Or should i roll back my drivers. Also i noticed the new Demos on ATi's page would not work either, but i thought the only reason was because i dont have a 9700. Help would be appreciated or if u are experiencing problems too.
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    I would recommend WAITING

    far as I know the drivers released thus far are for r300 bsed cards while ones for the rest of the lineup should be out soon enough...

    the demos are designed for dx9.0 compatible hardware components... ie all r300 based boards.. the 8500 series is a dx8.1 piece...

    roll back if you can to the cat 2.5's they are the same in performance for the most part as the cat 3.0's

    so far I have dx9 and cat 3.0 and no probs whatsoever... image quality seems to be a bit better but I may just be seeing things :)
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    Hmm well I've got a Radeon 9000 Pro, running the cat 3's and DX9 with no probs. Did you uninstall the orginal drivers first?
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    almost sure you'll do that ! :cool: