Radeon 8500 problem

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by IllegalOperatio, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. Hi I was hoping that somebody has an idea on what could be causing the following problem.
    I have an ATI Radeon 8500 DDR 128 card, installed on a Athlon 1 gig system, MSI mbo, 256 megs of pc133 ram.
    Whenever I download and install the XP drivers for this card my computer runs for about 5 minuites then locks up tighter then a drum. I cant end task or anything, I have to cold boot the computer then it will not boot up. I cant even get into the bios or anything unless I leave the computer sit for like 5 hours.
    Whats funny is I can install 98SE or ME and it runs fine, but I would really like to have XP.

    ATI support says to complete an RMA form, but I dont really see that anything could be wrong with the card since it runs on other O/S just fine.

    Anyone know a fix or a work around?
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    try using the most recent drivers from ATI. But, to make sure it all works good you should read the Guide To Uninstalling ATI Drivers Completely located at Rage3D

    Also, for the heck of it have a look at your event viewer to see if there's a specific program or device causing the lockups. Go to control panel, administrative tools, event viewer.
  3. Actually since posting this I have messed around some and I think I have given the ATI card a bad rap.
    I took the card out and put in a diamond stealth (works good) and the system still freezes right when I turn it on.
    I replaced the ram, took out all PCI devices, disconnected the USB mouse.
    So all I have now is the MBO, processer, fan, H/D, ram, cd rom and floppy.
    Something is making this thing freeze right away.

    I had this problem about a month ago, I took out an add in USB card and it cleared so I only assumed that was it.

    What else could cause this? The hard drive light stays on solid when this happens.
  4. I should also include that it freezes way before it even gets around to booting the O/S. I tried to get into bios to change the boot sequence and it freezes there.
  5. That is a good point that I have not considered, doesnt XP have the VIA drivers built into it?
    And if I am wrong, how can a person get the motherboard drivers on the system if he cant get into the O/S?
  6. Tried an older Diamond stealth out of my kids computer, still the same thing.
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    yep, good old trial and error...

    have you made any changes to BIOS settings? if so, rest BIOS to default values and see if that helps.

    did this porblem happen after a BIOS update? if so restore the previous BIOS.

    removing cards and RAM, to a bare minimum will help as well. Whoe knows, you could be experiencing a CPU or mainboard problem.
  8. I got it boiled down to either the MBO or the CPU, I have changed all other parts. ANd I am not too suprised this is the 2nd Microstar board replaced under warrenty, I give up on them now.
    Instead I have put my Radeon in the older computer to game with. It is only a Celeron 633 with a 66 FSB.

    What difference am I going to suffer now because of the step down on CPU with a slower FSB?
  9. I agree.
    Who makes the most reliable motherboard socket A? I dont care about features like overclocking and etc.
  10. Doesnt MSI stand for Microstar International?