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    How To Force Users to Quit Programs and Log Off After a Period of Inactivity in Windows XP:

    How to Configure the Winexit.scr Screen Saver

    1. Use Windows Explorer to locate the Winexit.scr file in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit folder on your hard disk.
    2. Right-click the Winexit.scr file, and then click Install.
    3. The Display Properties dialog box appears with the Screen Saver tab active. The Logoff Screen Saver entry is automatically selected. Click Settings.
    4. Select the Force application termination check box to force programs to quit.
    5. In the Countdown for n seconds box, type the number of seconds for which the logoff dialog box appears before the user is logged off.
    6. In the Logoff Message box, type the message that appears during the logoff countdown. Click OK.
    7. In the Display Properties dialog box, click Preview.
    8. You see the Auto Logoff dialog box. It displays the logoff message and the countdown timer. Click Cancel.
    9. Click OK.
    Source: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;314999&sd=tech#toc

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    We are tempted to integrate that here, but you risk the user losing any unsaved work.