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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ceejay, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Running XP Pro (on a small home network), logging in to W2K domain - sweet. The server is running W2K Adv Server and controls my internet connection. If I reboot the server (either scheduled or BSOD) the XP machine loses network drive connections and network printer connections, but can still surf the internet (when the server comes back up). I am using sygate home network to control the internet connection (and DHCP).

    Obviously, rebooting the XP PC re-establishes all network connections (but not ideal).

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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    If the resources are controlled by domain based permissions, you need to log out and log back in on the XP machine to regain access to the files. The server drops all connections when rebooted, and they ar not restored unless clients log off and log back onto the server.

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    Is it a feature of NT/W2K/XP security? I know that it is not the case under win9x.
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    That's not true, if you try to connect again (simply refresh the explorer screen) you should be fine. We have some workstations that share printers and some of my utility (file and print, IIS) servers that I might work on overnight or on a weekend may get rebooted while client stations are still logged in, and they never have to logoff and back on again to access them. Some applications like Exchange server, however, will have this issue and only need the client application (Outlook in this case) to be restarted. Now, if you are seeing little red "X" marks over mapped drives and such that has more to do with a network resource timeout, which is a registry setting. If you check out technet (www.microsoft.com/technet) you can find out more on expanding the timeout if needed.