Quick Reply - Good 400w+ PSUs < $100CDN

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dimoe, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Dimoe

    Dimoe Guest

    Me is gonna buy a new 400w+ PSU very soon, so any quick reply would be helpful.

    Here they are:

    L&C 400W P4 ATX $33
    CoolMAX 400W ATX w/ 2 Fans $75
    Thermaltake 420W ATX Power Supply (dual fan) more info $82
    Aluminum P4 400W ATX $84
    Enermax 430W EG465P-VE Dual Fan $99
    Enermax 430W EG465P-VE DuAMD $103

    These are all in CDN funds, what u guys think?
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    get the Aluminum P4 400W ATX $84

    the Aluminum gets rid of the heat best

  3. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    if i may ask are you buying these localy and if so where? i am going to T.O. for a wile and yea lol
  4. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    i have a 431 watt enermax dual fan no complaints from me :)

    ENERMAX EG465P-VE FM 431 Watt
  5. Dimoe

    Dimoe Guest

    thx for fast replies,

    I went for a stick of 256mb DDR333 instead, thx anyway.

    and yes, i'm buying locally, inside Pacific Mall:

    Here are some site of the retailers inside:

    PC Gate ComputerZ
    Canada ComputerZ

    and a good PC modding place downtown:
    Bigfoot ComputerZ