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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by forcer, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. forcer

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    i have 256MB of DDR Memory... i am going to buy another 256 stick from dabs.com but will it matter what i buy... i know i need to buy the same memory type(DDR) but it has stuff like 266Mhz Memory Module, well i aint sure about that! does it matter or can i go ahead and purchase something? can any1 reccomend a DDR memory product from this site?

    mite be a n00b question but i aint really bought my own hardware before
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    Just make sure what type it is: IE. PC2100, PC2700, etc. and get one that is the same type.
  3. coathanger007

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    Else the slower one would have to be overclocked and the faster one underclocked. I recommend Hyundai Legend.
  4. Tweakfiend

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    Let Sandra analysis your memory and buy the same.
    Personally I would never again buy from the site you mentioned, as their follow up procedure was diabolical when I used it.
    It can only have improved.
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    Any faster grade DDR memory will work. Names are:

    PC2100 same as DDR 266 mhz, usually CL 2.0 on wait states
    PC2700 same as DDR 333 mhz, usually CL 2.5 on wait states
    PC3200 same as DDR 400 mhz, usulally CL 3.0 on wait states

    Run sandra on your RAM and see what your wait state is (CL 2.0, CL 2.5, etc.).

    If you have CL 2.0 make sure the new stuff is 266, CL 2.0 or 333, CL 2.5 then you can run both sticks at 266 mhz CL 2.0. You will not get any advantage to buying just one stick of faster (333, 400, etc) RAM so unless you plan on upgrading the MB soon don't bother.

    If your MB supports faster RAM the alternate approach is to buy a stick of 512 mb 333 mhz RAM and sell the old RAM. The price difference between 266 and 333 is not much anymore and the price of 512 sticks is dropping. You won't see much if any speed difference between 266 mhz and 333 mhz. The big advantage comes in laod times with the extra 256 MBs and not having to cache memory to disk.

    Note - The faster the memory the bigger the wait states. 266 @ CL 2.0 is almost as fast as 333 at CL2.5. If you want higher speed or smaller wait states you pay for it whether you can use it or not.