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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by SessedOut, May 22, 2002.

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    Ok, I have seen my fair share of newsgroup questions from how to download multi binary parts to what newsserver to use. I've been using Usenet for about 4 months...when I got my Verizon DSL account. Well, I am about to move back to California and from what I know, the DSL ISP there has a newsserver but carries very limited binary groups. What I am wondering is the "mainstream" newsservers (i.e. NewsGuy) how does the monthly service function? They only explain the monthly cost (relatively $10) and download capacity (6GB). Is it possible to go over that limit and they just charge you more? Or do you have to wait until the next month for your downloads to reset?

    I know I download about 10GB a month or more so hopefully you are allowed to download as much as you want, as long as you pay for it. I can deal with that...

    Thanks for the help/advice/info!
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    On most of the services once you reach the 6 gig limit thats it, your done for the month they usually don't have a metering system in effect where you can buy more :(
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    A good NewsGroup that i belong to has that option to buy more after the 6 gig limit is up and it is a great news group, alot of bineries. you can find it at.

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    Cool, thanks for the help guys. I was looking at a couple of websites for different servers, and noticed EasyNews is probably the best, and I'm not sure, but I do think they have an Unlimited account now also. It might be another service, I can't exactly remember. That is going to be one thing I will miss though is the news server my Verizon ISP here provides. The thing kicks ass, the retention is awesome and the only time I get missing/broken files is because of someone else's server.

    Thanks again for the help, this is why xp-erience.org has the best forums on the net for PC help, Windows help, etc. No egos!

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    To correct myself, it's Newsfeeds.com that offers Unlimited usenet service for $39.95 per month, not easynews. Heh