questions before I install WINXP SP2...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by razor_ro, Aug 11, 2004.

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    ok guys,.... anyone that is using SP2 please listen, I need these questions answered before I install sp2....

    i) for some reason I can't slipstream SP2 onto my old slipstreamed copy of XP SP1.... it says something about not being able to integrate onto already integrated Software Updates..... is there anythig I can do?

    ii) right now I have Norton Firewall 2004 installed (and am dying to get rid of it :eek: ), will the new firewall or Security Centre on SP2 be good enough by itself? I know I need to keep Norton AntiVirus 2004 installed but will the firewall on SP2 be able to keep me protected? btw I am also using ADAWARE and SPYBOT....

    and finally, iii) is there any performance loss on SP2? like in normal usage and in games? any difference in performace between SP1 and SP2?

    thanks guys, the reason I ask all these questions is cause I don't have the time to do a fresh install only to find out that SP2 is buggy and that it sucks, ...

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    If you extract the files from your original XP CD on to your hard drive, it should slipstream fine. You don't have to have SP1 slipstreamed already. For me, I have seen no performance loss/gain in SP2, and my bootup time seems (but it could just be me) to have sped up a bit. I just installed a slipstreamed SP2 on a friend's computer and it's working great--well, as good as XP can run on a Celeron 566 or whatever it is. Emachines crap...
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    What method of slipstreaming are you using?
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    What method are you using to slipstream it? You could try AutoStreamer or nLite, which automate the process.

    Windows Firewall does not monitor outbound connections on a per-application basis like other software firewalls do. It is, however, quite effective as far as inbound protection goes. I've personally chosen to go with Windows Firewall now, although third-party software firewalls like Outpost, Kerio, ZoneAlarm, NIS etc. will provide you with better protection. Whether you need it or not depends on your usage habits, how careful you are, and what your past experience has been with trojans and worms (the main reasons why outbound monitoring is important)

    While some people have reported a drop in performance after installing SP2, there isn't really a pattern, so nobody can really tell you what effect it can have. I'd say try it for yourself and see. If you're lucky enough like me and some other people here on OSNN, you might actually see an increase in overall responsiveness and a decrease in boot time.