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    okie, my friend has a desktop and laptop, shared same internet connection. he wants to share the drives, so i am working on it, i can get the desktop to notice the laptop (\\laptop\c) but i can't figure out why it won't go laptop to desktop. In the shared and security area it says the name of it would be 'main'. so from laptop i can do \\Box\main and it bring up an error saying settings are not right, contact the admin(log'd in under admin already). any ideas on what can be wrong?

    ** laptop is wireless, and desktop is wired **
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    altho i'm a bit blur of what u trying to say, do u enable the xp firewall?? if yes... disable it and try!

    if u r using xp, u can view the files from "my network places". btw i thought we should have a same workgroup name on both pc rite?? correct me if i'm wrong guys ;)
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    firewall is disabled
    and it is same work group cause i can see the laptop drive from the desktop just not the other way around.
  4. Im having the opposite problem. I have 4 computers on a LAN and I cant get one of my desktops to see one of my laptops (2 of each). It worked fine for a couple of months and then it just stopped working for no reason. The laptop sees the desktop but not the other way.
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    okie now it works, try to ping the ip of box looking for and make sure it reply, then instead of doing \\name just do \\ip and it should work.. worked fine here :happy:
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    Yeah, I always prefer to map my network drives based on IP rather than hostname. My router is configured to assign IPs based on MAC addresses, so the internal IP addresses are always constant.

    Never had a problem this way. :)
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    I used to have 2 PCs on a network... one was on "workgroup" and the other was on "group" - the one on "workgroup" saw the contents of the one on "group", but not the other way around...

    might be worth checking to be sure.