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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by microeater, Oct 2, 2002.

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    I got a question after I installed Service Pack 1. (Windows XP PRO)
    After installed Service Pack 1, I realised all the pre-sp1 hotfix in add/remove are gone.
    However, there are still many folders named $NtUninstallQ282010$ $NtUninstallQ307274$ ... etc. (31 of them)
    Can I delete those? They are around 34MB.

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    You can delete them but I would just leave them. If your system needs them to correct a corrupt file you are going to be stuck. Try making a slipstream Cd of xp & sp1. When you need to format you'll end up with a nice clean system. It should also be OK to delete them once the cd is made.
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    If you are sure that there is no corresponding entry in add/remove you can delete them. Only thing you will probably loose is the possibility to uninstall single hotfixes after uninstalling SP1.
    System file protection doesn't look for a missing file in these $NtUninstallQ..$ folders. It searches in ServicePackFiles.
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    I see.
    I will make a slipstream Cd of xp & sp1, and delete those folders.
    Cos I don't think I will uninstall them :p

    Thank you all. :)