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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by krmanning, May 16, 2003.

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    I'm getting ready to move, and the new house isn't wired for ethernet. I can run the cables I need to some rooms, but for others it will be a real pain. So, I'm considering a wireless lan. I'll be connecting 3-4 PCs, cable modem, and a Turtle Beach Audiotron.

    Now the question. I know the theoretical speeds of the various standards, but what are the speeds actually achieved in a real world setting. I'm talking about a single family home where I can have my access point withing 50 feet of everywhere in the house.

    From what I've managed to read, 802.11g is disappointing so far, especially if it mixed with 802.11b. How good (or bad) is the 802.11b+ (22Mbps) that I see from D-Link?

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Between Austin and Tampa
    thats the router I have running and we are also running wireless nics in the house since we didn't want wires..

    setup is extremely easy and painless :) and the software takes care of most setup quibbles..

    50feet is a good range though it is probably @ the max when considering signals going through walls... in our house we have a max range of around 50-60 feet after which the signal strength really takes a dive... but all houses/apartments are built different...
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    Go with either a or b, whatever suits your needs. Turn off WEP security, and turn ON MAC filtering. Add in only the MAC addys you want to access your WAN. Anything else that doesnt have access will be denied. WEP will decrease the network speed. Also, change the password on your Access point.