Question about Sound cards!

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    well heres another one i donno wtf the cards on this page are for......
    <Johaan> I have 2 more questions though
    <Johaan> first
    <Johaan> The sound card issue
    <Johaan> Is the Audigy 2 Platinum eX card the best out therE?
    <Johaan> It costs about 200 bucks
    <Johaan> and I'm willing to pay them as long as It's the best thing I can get (within a reasonable price)
    <Johaan> But then I see Cards like these:
    <Johaan> And I can't help but wonder if what I'm paying for is mostly marketing and not performance.
    <Johaan> Just so you know
    <Johaan> I plan to use this thing as a complete working center
    <Johaan> Bah who the hell am I kidding
    <Johaan> I'm gonna play games like crazy on it
    <Johaan> but
    <Johaan> I'm also gonna connect the TV and antenna to it. This is going to be my new Home Theathre as well.
    <Johaan> So I need to have the best card out there.
    <Johaan> (Again, within a reasonable pricE).
    <Johaan> The only thing that keeps the Audigy high on the list is
    <Johaan> all the gaming compatibility issue's the other cards might present.
    <Johaan> Let's face it
    <Johaan> everything that comes out, has EAX support or is design to run well with soundblaster.
    <Johaan> But I dunno, maybe these cards (the ones on the page) kick Audigy's Butt no matter what they're running.
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    Between Austin and Tampa
    audigy2 is good...

    so is turtle beach santa cruz :D

    both have exceptional performance and sound quality..

    there are others out there as well...
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    & for example Terratec series ..